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Japanese Princess Willing To Give Up Crown To Marry An Ordinary Citizen

Japan Princess Ayako/Strait Times

Japan is rich in its traditions and culture that has been preserved for so long. One of those who are taking part in the preservation are the Royal Families, thus through the years, they give importance to things that keep this treasure.

Japan Princess Ayako/Strait Times
Princess Ayako

In marriages, the Royal Families have been strict and have stayed true to their tradition and that is only those from the royalties can marry each other and you can be stripped off the title if you decide to marry a commoner.

Princess Ayako, 27, third daughter of Princess Hisako and Prince Takamado, was one of the princesses who were removed from their post, since she is set to marry Kei Moriya, who was only a shipping employee.

Japan Princess Ayako/Strait Times
Kei Moriya and Princess Ayako

She lost her Royal Status since it is under the Imperial House Law, that no royal member of the family shall marry a commoner.

She is the second princess to announce her marriage after Princess Mako, 26 whose marriage with Kei Komuro was postponed until 2020.

College Sweethearts | Kei Komoru and Princess Mako

Princess Mako is the granddaughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. She is an affiliate researcher at the University Museum Of University of Tokyo. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate Degree at the International Christian University.

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko

On the other hand, Princess Ayako is the neice of Emperor Akihito. She studied at the University of British Colombia and currently serves as a Honorary Patron of the Canada-Japan Society.

Due to these news about marriages, the number of Imperial Household members has reduced to 17 thus reigniting debates on the ever-shrinking royal families.

While the last member from this generation who has not yet married, is a male and talks about Emperor Akihito's abdication from the throne has surfaced, it has stirred up concerns about the male-only succession.

Source : The Straits Time

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