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Poe to RJ Nieto | Gaano ka kagaling mag saliksik ?

Poe to RJ Nieto | Gaano ka kagaling mag saliksik ?

We may or may not agree with you…But actually here in the Senate, we should be checking those sites so that we know how people think, not necessarily that we will agree, but if there’s anything, you do excellent research and that’s the truth,” Poe said during the Senate public information committee hearing on fake news.
“You do excellent research, sometimes against us, sometimes for us. I hope you can keep the neutrality like if you’re in a board, you can be an independent director. You can be in government, but an independent consultant,” Poe added.
Nieto works as a consultant for the Foreign Affairs Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs.
Poe recalled that Nieto, on his Thinking Pinoy blog, corrected a fake claim about her owning a million-dollar mansion in the US.
Poe mentioned a claim published by a blog called Open source investigations. The post made during the presidential campaign said Poe’s “American home was a luxury and exclusive residence.”
“You corrected it with research and fact, and you were a supporter of President Duterte. But you came out with proper research saying that what they were claiming is untrue,” Poe told Nieto.
Before Poe’s statements, Nieto argued that his posts on Thinking Pinoy are his personal opinions.
“When I broadcast stuff on my Facebook page, that is Rey Joseph Nieto speaking as a regular citizen. But when I give advice to the OUMWA, the Office of Migrant Workers Affairs, that’s where my job kicks in,” Nieto said.
“The question whether I should be nicer to people on my personal blog, I do not think so,” he added.
Nieto said that when his opinions gain traction, “that means a lot of other Filipinos think the same way I do or maybe agree to what I try to say.”
The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines criticized Nieto's posts, calling him a "barefaced liar" for repeating an "utterly discredited" claim he made about videos taken by journalist Jes Aznar in Marawi. 

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