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Pretty Woman Left Scarred By Cheating Husband Who Chooses Foreigner Over Family

One thing I still don't understand about relationships, is the why is there always a need for one of the couples to cheat? Though it has become a norm nowadays, that people jump from one relationship to another, still being into one of these situations or even just seeing a story about this happening is definitely heartbreaking.

When people get married, don't they vow to be there for each other in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer? But how come these things still happen? Well, maybe people have lost respect for the sacredness of marriage that they ought to leave the family they have just because they found somebody new.

A recent social media post that has went viral had break the hearts of many netizens. People have always dreamed of having a complete and happy family, but because of a choice that someone makes, the whole thing just crashes right in front of the other.

Maica Tidoy, shares an unfortunate story of what has happened to her and her husband for seven years, Michael. She stated on her post how hurt and broken she was because of Michael's betrayal.

The both of them had children and were actually quite living as a wonderful family. But when Michael, left the country to work as an Overseas Filipino Worker in China, that's when thing started to sway. Until one day, Maica just saw a post of her husband being together with a foreigner in one of his photos.

It was a heartbreaking moment for Maica, but she didn't show so much hatred over her post rather, she showed them her kindness and spoke about forgiveness on her post. She just left a message to her ex husband, that he may not forget their children because they were the greatest blessing both of them had ever had. Reminding him of the special moments they had, when they were still a family.

Maica showed that she was strong enough to accept the betrayal of Michael, since she never said anything negative about him and she even wished him well despite the hurt he had caused her.

A lot of netizens expressed their frustration about Maica's situation saying they all that sympathize and relate to her, but they couldn't keep but admire her for the respect she has for her ex-husband even if he did something very hurtful to her.

The amount of pain Maica could be feeling would be immeasurable, but as long as Maica continues to trust in God, surely God will take all this pain away from her and make her live a new and fresh life together with her children.

SOURCE : Chosen Files
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