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10 Usual Things Woman Should Avoid During Their Period

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When we were in the middle school health class, we learned the basics that every month, woman bleeds called menstruation and that means she isn't pregnant.

But if you ask how they are during this time, most of them would probably say that it's not quite that simple. No one could ever understand them but their fellow women.

There's a long of feeling women experiences during this time.

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Some think in their mind saying, "please stay away from me," "don't touch me," and "don't talk to me."

They might suffer stomach cramps and couldn't move. But sometimes, they feel nothing but just bleeding. They don't feel any pain and can just live normally.

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But there are things a woman should avoid and not do while in their menstruation.

1. Salty cravings

Giving in with food that has a high salt content can actually make your cramps worse with fluid retention and bloating, said Dr. Julia A. White at Cycle.

2. Using menstruation as an excuse not to go to the gym

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Someone woman feels uncomfortable during menstruation and this makes them decided to skip the gym. Working out can help prevent bad mood swings and stretching out your muscles can also ease cramping.

3. Unprotected love making

Some woman believed that you can't get pregnant while on period so they don't use birth controls. According to Little things, the cervix is slightly dilated and the blood can make it easier for viruses to make their way to your system while having casual sex, so it’s always better to “suit up.”

4. Avoiding to have intimacy in bed

According to Women’s Health magazine, with the proper protection to help keep everyone healthy (and make cleaning up easier), period sex can actually be beneficial. The blood acts as a natural lubricant and the release can help ease your menstrual cramps.

5. Don't plan any painful appointments

Woman are sensitive to pain during this time. Make sure to let the menstruation passed before making any painful appointments.

6. Eating mac and cheese

Lara Briden, a naturopathic doctor, said that a protein called A1 casein to intensify pain during women's period. It can attach to your intestines and cause inflammation, which in turn causes things like heavy flows, excessive acne, and even endometriosis.

7. Drinking coffee

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Drinking coffee during period make mood swings, digestion issues, and high blood pressure even worse

8. Stop smoking

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The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists found that woman who smokes often are more likely to experience severe pre-menstrual symptoms and suffer worse cramps for a longer time.

9. Using the same sanitary device all day

It's better to freshen up and clean to keep yourself away from bacteria and not stinking down there.

10. Cleaning with a douche

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Most doctors recommend avoiding douche as a cleaning process because it causes several health problems like increased infections, vulnerability to STDs, and even difficulty in becoming pregnant.
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