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Check This Out: How To Fall Asleep Faster In Two (2) Minutes Or Less

Sleep Faster Methods/Brightside

In a generation where computers and smartphones are part of the daily life; sleep is compromised. With a lot of work to do and scrolling through your smartphones before sleeping actually causes you to have a difficulty in sleeping.

Sleep Faster Methods/Brightside

This is usually termed as insomnia or the difficulty in sleeping. Having this insomnia makes you anxious thus preventing a quick travel to dreamland.

The good new is this sleeping difficulty could be fixed in a matter or a few seconds. Here are methods which you could try during those sleepless nights:

10 Seconds: The Military Technique

Sleep Faster Methods/Brightside

  • First, close your eyes and let it rest; relax the entire face while taking slow but deep breaths.
  • Next, let one arm until the shoulder relax and drop; starting off with the active side or the side you use the most then do the same with the opposite arm and shoulder. Do this same pattern for the legs, thighs and feet. Keep a clear mind and be still for 10 seconds.

The entire excercise may take 120 seconds but the last 10 seconds is the key for a sound sleep. 

60 Seconds: The 4-7-8 Technique

Sleep Faster Methods/Brightside

Practice this method and you'll sleep in no time.

  • First, separate your lips and completely exhale through your mouth.
  • Next, close your lips and silently inhale through your nose.
  • Count until 4 while doing this. Hold your breath for 7 seconds and relax. Completely exhale with a whooshing sound for 8 seconds. An easy way to remember is 4-7-8.

60 Seconds: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Sleep Faster Methods/Brightside

Body relaxation aids the calming of the mind. Therefore it is best to get the muscles tensed and relaxed afterwards.

  • First, tense your arms for 5 seconds.
  • Then relax for 10 seconds. Do this for other body parts as well; eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw and neck. 
  • Repeat this until the rest of your body is relaxed even to your toes.

120 Seconds: Try To Stay Awake

Sleep Faster Methods/Brightside

This is also known as Paradoxical Intention for Insomnia. In layman's term, it would be reserve psychology for those having sleeping difficulties.

In this method, continuous thinking is advised to make yourself awake; reducing the anxiety created by insomnia as well as the frustration of still being awake.

120 seconds: Picture a calm place

Sleep Faster Methods/Brightside

Anxiety is the common cause for insomnia, to battle this painting a peaceful and happy scenery could distract you from your thoughts; helping you relax and fall asleep immediately.

120 Seconds: Try Cooling It Down

Sleep Faster Methods/Brightside

If your body temperature isn't cool enough, it is quite harder to fall asleep. Proper ventilation, lighter clothes and drinking a glass of cold water may really help.

Keep a regulated sleep so that it would be easier for your body to sleep at a definite time.

Source: Brightside

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