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8 Mapanganib Na Epekto Ng Stress Sa Katawan Ngunit Binabalewala Lang Natin

Effects of Stress/Reader's Digest

Most people nowadays tend to be more stressed than ever. Deadlines, huge workloads, social issues, financial dilemma and so much more to be stressed about.

However, without us knowing our bodies know when we are stressed and responds too!

These are the silent signs of sickness due to stress:

1. Hives breakout

Effects of Stress/Reader's Digest

Sudden breakout of itchy red bump, stress is your number 1 culprit here. Upon experiencing high levels of stress the body's immune system gets unstable and releases histamine to fight off your sickness. If stress doesn’t go away, you are likely to develop an allergic reaction and hives are all over your body.

2. Fluctuating weight

Effects of Stress/Reader's Digest

According to medical professionals, stress stimulates cortisol to impair the body's ability to process blood sugar and your metabolism which may lead to weight gain or loss. Furthermore, undergoing stress may prompt people to overeat or undereat.

3. Frequent Headaches

If you are unlikely to experience headaches but suddenly your head keeps pounding, you might be too stressed. Stress releases chemicals causing the nerves and blood vessels in the brain change which brings a headache. For those who have migraines, stress may worsen it.

4. Upset stomach

Effects of Stress/Reader's Digest

Stress may disrupt the gastrointestinal tract in anyways. It might cause the body to produce more digestive acid, leading to heartburn. Furthermore, it might slow down digestion which might lead to bloating, cramping and diarrhea.

5. Frequent cold

Stress weakens the immune system making you susceptible to any kind of sickness. Usually in the form of sores or colds. The immune system loses its ability to suppress the common viruses around you.

6. Frequent acne

Effects of Stress/Reader's Digest

Acne isn't just part of the teenage nightmare, but if your face has sudden breakouts this must be due to stress. When stressed, the body produces more cortisol causing the skin to be oily. Therefore, enabling the optimal environment for pimple growth.

7. Fuzzy brain

Effects of Stress/Reader's Digest

Stress can make one mentally sick too. Too much stress may lead to the inability to focus, causing memory lags, as well as depression and anxiety.

8. Hair fall

Little hair fall isn't that alarming since it is just natural. However, losing a large number of hair strands may indicate stress. Stress pushes out the hair follicles into its resting phase making it easier to fall off.

Listen to what your body is trying to convey and try to do something about it before its too late.

8 Mapanganib Na Epekto Ng Stress Sa Katawan Ngunit Binabalewala Lang Natin 8 Mapanganib Na Epekto Ng Stress Sa Katawan Ngunit Binabalewala Lang Natin Reviewed by Maria on 27 February Rating: 5

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