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Bride In Tears After Soldier Husband Arranges Surprise Wedding For Her Without Her Knowledge

Surprised Wedding/Facebook

Weddings are very woman's dream.

Walking down the aisle, dressed in white and her man waiting at the end of the line. However, most weddings nowadays need meticulous planning and effort to get things done.

Charity Joy Depita shared her surprise wedding organized by Maj. Redenson Austria Depita of the Philippine Army's 11th Infantry Division, her husband.

The surprise wedding was held at San Nicolas Church in Iloilo this February instead of their planned April church wedding date. 

Surprised Wedding/Facebook

Originally, they have been married in civil rites 10 years ago. Her husband told her they were to attend a co-soldier's wedding as a maid of honor and best man.

While preparing, she was confused by the gown she was made to wear, but her husband told her that the wedding held a contest for the best gown. Not satisfied with his answer she tried to ask the photographers and make-up artists the same question but the same answer was said.

Puzzled as ever, Charity was told by her husband that a bridal car would pick her up and he should keep going for he was supposed to be the wedding's swordsman - a task he had to fulfill as the groom's "best man." 

Surprised Wedding/Facebook

Upon arriving the church, she was given a veil to wear and shocked to see her wedding guests, including her parents, at the venue. It was then she realized, it was her own wedding. Tears rushing through her and saying 'I thought it would be on April', but this was indeed her wedding day.

Given the grand welcome for the military church wedding, swordsmen were lined up the aisle just like their plan for the supposedly April wedding.

Surprised Wedding/Facebook

Feeling light-headed as she was walking down the aisle without even hearing the wedding song. She couldn't believe what was happening at that moment. Concerned about not being able to confess as a requisite to the wedding, the priest assured her to have the confession after the wedding.


Redenson, pursued through the plan a little earlier because Charity would ask every year as to when they're going to have a church wedding.

Surprised Wedding/Facebook

The venue and outfits were carefully planned to maintain secrecy. Informing all their family and friends about his plan beforehand and asked if they could keep it from his wife. 

Surprised Wedding/Facebook

It came to a point that he confiscated his wife's phone so that she wouldn't get further details from other people, justifying it would go to waste referring to the effort it took to hide the plan before the big day.

Surprised Wedding/Facebook

The wedding was supposedly to be in 2018 but later on postponed it to April to be in line with their anniversary month. He didn't expect that his wife would post it online but after all, he has done that for their future they will continue to run together. He added: 'I am not perfect but I will do my best to become a good husband.'

Surprised Wedding/Facebook

Love never gives up. Love always fulfills its promises. May we keep love in our hearts too, everyday. 

Source: ABS-CBN News
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