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Look: Get To Know Chavit Singson's Gorgeous And Rich Daughter

Chavit Singson Daughter/Manila Times

Being a parent, all of your achievements and goals are for the love of your life, your partner and children. They are the most important people you cherish and value each day.

Chavit Singson was the former Ilocos Sur Governor. Being a highly regarded personnel, his life has been open to the public most of the times.

Chavit Singson Daughter/Manila Times

He is said to have more than a dozen of children but not forgetting his role to each and everyone of them. Not only owning luxurious things and riches but also being a father to beautiful and stunning daughters.

One of which is Richelle Louise Singson-Michael who was the 65th “Host Committee Chairman” the highest position that can be attained for those who are involved with the preparation, exceeding her father's position.

Chavit Singson Daughter/Manila Times

Chavit Singson Daughter/Manila Times

Furthermore, she became a judge in the following year at the Miss Universe Pageant.

Another is Chelsey Singson-Sison who is the owner GoSport Philippines, a member of the Colourette Clique and an ambassadress for The Skin Bureau.

Chavit Singson Daughter/Manila Times

Her 'artistahin' looks have captured the attention of many, more than that she is successful in her chosen craft. She loves traveling, swimming and bonding with her family.

Chavit Singson Daughter/Manila Times

Even one day all the wealth in this world disappears, the most precious wealth are in our hands; our families.

Despite all the things that happened, are happening and will be happening in our lives, we are sure to have our family by our side. They are our foundations of love and support.

Whatever may come our way, they always got our back.

Sources: MSN The Manila Times
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