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Look: PhilHealth Coverage For Hemodialysis And Other 23 Medical, Surgical Cases

PhilHealth Coverage/PhilStar

Seeking for medical assistance might be quite troublesome for there are rigorous process involved. For those who couldn't afford paying for some medical cases, Philhealth gets you covered.

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation commonly known as PhilHealth is a government agency that provides assistance with payment of hospital bills.

PhilHealth Coverage/PhilStar

Given that may it be in a private or public hospital, medical and surgical services are expensive and out of the budget for the poor; good thing because PhilHealth provides financial assistance with medical bills of their members.

The members and beneficiaries could avail certain package of services such as outpatient treatment for tuberculosis and malaria, deliveries, surgeries, inpatient care, and other health-related issues.

PhilHealth Coverage/PhilStar

Today, many people go to PhilHealth and signing up to be one of its members and to avail the benefits offered by the national health insurance. Here is the price list of some medical and surgical services pays by PhilHealth.

Being a member of PhilHealth would entail you to avail its perks and benefits. One of these is the financial aid with the following cases and their corresponding amount:

Medical Cases (in Php)

  1. Dengue I (Dengue fever, DHF grades I & II) – 8,000
  2. Dengue II (DHF grades III & IV) – 16,000
  3. Pneumonia I (moderate risk) – 15,000
  4. Pneumonia II (high risk) – 32,000
  5. Essential Hypertension – 9,000
  6. Cerebral Infarction (CVA-I) – 28,000
  7. Cerebral Hemorrhage (CVA-II) – 38,000
  8. Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE) – 6,000
  9. Asthma – 9,000
  10. Typhoid Fever – 14,000
  11. Newborn Care Package in Hospitals and Lying in Clinics – 1,750
PhilHealth Coverage/PhilStar

Surgical Cases (in Php)
  1. Radiotherapy – 3,000
  2. Hemodialysis – 4,000
  3. Maternity Care Package (MCP) – 8,000
  4. NSD Package in Level I Hospitals – 8,000
  5. NSD Package in Levels 2 to 4 Hospitals – 6,500
  6. Caesarean Section – 19,000
  7. Appendectomy – 24,000
  8. Cholecystectomy – 31,000
  9. Dilatation and Curettage – 11,000
  10. Thyroidectomy – 31,000
  11. Herniorrhaphy – 21,000
  12. Mastectomy – 22,000
  13. Hysterectomy – 30,000
  14. Cataract Surgery – 16,000
Know your rights, benefits and perks as a member. Avail of these perks because you deserve to do so. It is best to ask the PhilHealth representatives near you and learn more of the benefits you might be missing out.

Source: Phil News
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