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Meet The 12-Year-Old Boy Who Built His Own School And Is Now The World's Youngest Principal

Youngest Principal/ODDITY CENTRAL

Being in school and receiving good quality education is what most parents would love their children to acquire.

For the 12 year old Leonardo Nicanor Quinteros who is still in secondary school, he wanted to help out other children and even adults with their studies. With that, he runs a free private school for these people.

Youngest Principal/ODDITY CENTRAL

With the love for studying and sharing what he knows; upon seeing that his peers were struggling in keeping up with their studies and some kids were too indulged in playing along the streets, he thought of something great and made it happen.

Youngest Principal/ODDITY CENTRAL

First off, he told his grandmother Ramona about his plan of operating his own school and asked for her help to build the school next to her house. She granted her grandson's wish and from thereon Nico's free private school caters almost 40 young learners.

Acting both as the teacher and principal, Nico is proud that his initiative has made a huge impact for many children attending his school.

Youngest Principal/ODDITY CENTRAL

This school isn't that much for it's mostly made out of adobe(clay) and quite small than regular school. With the help of neighbors and organizations who were impressed by this young boy's work, it's growing every day.

The school has work benches for students to use, lockers, a small library, blackboard and a bell to signal for recess time! Even managing to have an improvised sound system to play the Argentinian national anthem before the start of classes like in a regular school.

Youngest Principal/ODDITY CENTRAL

Interestingly, the quality of education and dedication to provide help to others is the driving force of this school.

Living 20 minutes away from his grandmother's home, Nico doesn't get discouraged by the ever changing weather; he gets on his bike after school and paves his way to his own school to teach subjects like math and grammar.

When some of his students weren't able to attend school at a regular time, he would conduct classes at night to make sure they could keep up with their studies.

Youngest Principal/ODDITY CENTRAL
“He does not miss school, he is amazing. I can not believe what he does, ” Nico’s grandmother said.
It is amazing to see a 12 year old child values education so much that hge is willing to go out of his way to share it to others.

While most children nowadays would complain with mountain loads of school work, Nico here takes on a challenge no other 12 year old might take.

Meet The 12-Year-Old Boy Who Built His Own School And Is Now The World's Youngest Principal Meet The 12-Year-Old Boy Who Built His Own School And Is Now The World's Youngest Principal Reviewed by Maria on 24 February Rating: 5

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