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Wife Follows Husband, Discovers He's Cheating On Her With Their Workmate

Cheating Husband and Workmate/KAMI

Cheating partner stories are quite rampant on the net nowadays like its just a normal thing to do. However, it is more important to stay loyal and committed to the person you love against all adversaries.

Another infidelity story has displease the netizens. A wife has posted a picture of her husband and an alleged mistress holding hands while walking. Noting that the woman's workplace is situated in the same building with her husband's which is in the ground floor.

Mie Amor Halina-Poblador, the wife posting these pictures, also revealed how she would take good care of her husband. 

Cheating Husband and Workmate/KAMI

Verbatim: 'He went out last night with an excuse to report in the office but they are both missing on their tables and having PTO (Paid Time Out).' 

As a woman, she has that innate instinct in knowing that something's off. With this, she has already confronted the alleged mistress upon the first feeling of suspicion but was denied until she found out their affair with her own eyes.  

Cheating Husband and Workmate/KAMI

Thankful about finding out the affair of her husband and her confirmed mistress she said: 'I was praying hard that God would let me see what I needed to and Thank the Lord for not letting them fool me for long.

Cheating Husband and Workmate/KAMI

Furthermore, in her post she said in English Verbatim:
I admit my flaws as a wife; for being thoughtful when you would come home late from night out with your friends, for not being able to sleep if you're not yet home, for giving you everything while not being able to buy the things I need because you would always come first and for asking for #familytime that one day it would be me and your children that you would go out with because you'd always spend more time with your friends.
Its sad to see another relationship has been wrecked due to misunderstandings and miscommunication. May future life partners avoid these conflicts by being true to one another, everyday.

Source: Kami
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